Woodmill HS DAS Pupils achieve their Hi5 Awards as part of their Judo learning outcomes

Written by Jim Feenan on 06/06/2024

Jim Feenan from Carnegie Judo Club was delighted to present pupils from Woodmill HS DAS department with their Hi5 Awards in recognition of their participation and learning in this term’s judo programme. This term, we concentrated on Safe Falling and Safe Standing (ukemi) techniques, fundamental movement, and basic throwing techniques.

The programme is part of a long-term partnership between The Fighting Chance Project (Scotland), Carnegie Judo Club, ActiveSchools, Woodmill High School, and its cluster Primary Schools, which started in the 2014-15 academic year. Our programmes are adapted to suit the pupils’ needs, using Judo as the engagement model. We build on the Judo values and how they align with the school’s aims and outcomes for their pupils.

The programmes aim to help pupils with social, emotional, or behavioural (SEB) issues or other additional support needs (ASN) build confidence, improve their resilience and self-esteem, and understand the importance of respect and self-control both in the classroom and in life.

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