Spirit of 2012 – Active Girls Programme Pupil Support Testimonial

Written by Jim Feenan on 28/06/2018

Today we completed the summer term of Queen Anne HS (Dunfermline) active girls judo classes for S2/3 groups of girls. The pupils were identified by the school as PE avoiders or have low self esteem or other issues in the lives where a confidence booster would be beneficial.

The judo was delivered by Carnegie Judo Club coaches with our Safeguarding & Child Protection officer, ActiveSchools coordinator and Pupil Support in attendance.   The following testimonial comes from the Pupil Support teacher:  “I attended the Judo Spirit (programme) for only a few weeks, however, within that time I found the sessions to have a good impact on the pupils who attended.  The pupils when in the class seemed to be really comfortable with the coach and took part.  It was good to see them having fun, laughing and looking relaxed with each other but at the same time taking on board what they were being taught and carrying out the tasks.   When I met with the pupils to take them along to the hall they would say they have enjoyed the sessions.  Even the pupils who appear to be shy would still carry out the moves and take part even if it was up against the coach, they would be happy  to be used in demonstrations.  The coach was really good at engaging with the pupils especially when he sensed they were not quite feeling up to it that day, eventually with the right kind of prompting the pupils would be taking part with a smile on their face.”  Miss E (Pupil Support)


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